About Us

Who We Are

We believe in living by Nature's laws,
where chickens roam freely and cows graze on grass.

We spend our time sourcing and curating authentic meats that are flavoursome, free range and untainted by antibiotics, hormones or pesticides. The animals are naturally farmed, ethically sourced and sustainably raised.

Because we strongly believe that eating REAL FOOD makes a difference.

Our talented in-house chef creates handcrafted to perfection condiments that compliment our meats and tasty ready-to-eat meals, tickling your taste buds into pure happiness.

Our friendly team is always open to share the stories of our creations and why it makes you go “Ooooh”...

So, really, we just live and breathe real food. Oh, and we like to eat them, too.

It's honest, healthy feel-good food.